Community Care Centre

Community Care Centre, SPARSH Hospital



PRIDE India established in 1982 is a development organization working towards assisting rural communities to sustain themselves and improve their economic status through two Flagship Programs in Maharashtra state, India.


  1. Integrated Rural Development Program addresses the needs of rural poor in 44 villages of Raigad through Education, Child Rights, Women empowerment, Health & Livelihood programs.

  2. Sastur Project of Action Research & Services through Hospital (S.P.A.R.S.H) began in 1993 in Sastur village, Osmanabad district post earthquake in partnership with the Government of Maharashtra. S.P.A.R.S.H has since become a 40 bedded hospital that impact the lives of over 65,000 patients from 180 villages annually.


S.P.A.R.S.H Rural Hospital has been recognized by the State for best performance in Mother and Child Health Services multiple times, has won awards such as ‘State level Punyashlok Ahilya Devi Holkar Award’ in 2012, and ‘Dr. Anandibai Joshi Gourav Puraskar’ in 2006 and 2009.


The Government of India estimates that about 2.40 million Indians are currently living with HIV, which makes the prevalence among adults 0.31%. Children (<15 yrs) account for an estimated 3.5% of all infections, while the majority of infections, 83%, occur in the age group of 15-49 years. Women make up 39% (930,000) of all of those infected with HIV. The government has identified Maharashtra state as the second highest HIV prevalence state in India, with an estimated 420,000 cases. Within Maharashtra state, the Osmanabad district has proven to be the most vulnerable district when it comes to HIV infections.

With this knowledge S.P.A.R.S.H Rural Hospital has initiated a program called the “Community Care Centre” (CCC). This program provides consultation, support, treatment, and proper nutrition to people living with HIV/AIDS. In addition, the CCC has created a nutritional project for HIV-infected orphans who have lost their parents as a result of HIV/AIDS. The CCC program provides free medication and regular check-ups, along with nutrition and consultation services at the S.P.A.R.S.H Rural Hospital. In addition, regular follow-up services are undertaken through outreach activities such as home visits, and individual and family consultation. This program is currently operational because of the support of The SPYN Welfare Foundation.

The main goals of the Community Care Centre are to provide quality health services and counseling services to those infected with HIV, and to provide care and nutrional support to HIV-infected children who have become orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS.



  1. To extend quality health services to people living with HIV/AIDS.

  2. To ensure care and support for orphaned children through nutritional support and counseling.

  3. To ensure adherence of people living with HIV/AIDS to anti-retroviral therapy (ART) treatment.


Major Activities:

  • Provide diagnostic and in-patient Services to people living with HIV/AIDS.

  • Ensure adherence of people living with HIV to anti-retroviral therapy (ART).

  • Provide nutritional support to in-patients living with HIV/AIDS.

  • Provide counseling support to people living with HIV/AIDS and their families in order to reduce the stigmatization associated with HIV/AIDS and to ensure they are properly cared for.

  • Provide protein rich nutritious snacks and counseling to orphaned children living with HIV/AIDS through outreach activities and home visits

  • Establish cooperation with the local government to obtain social entitlement benefits for people living with HIV/AIDS.


SPYN Welfare Foundation paid SPARSH Hospital a visit in November, 2017. Click on the link below to read more: